Living Reconciliation transforming conflicts

A lively, engaging book that challenges the reader to think about how to actively live a life of reconciliation.

It is jointly published by SPCK in the UK and Forward Movement in North America.

The Foreword is by the Archbishop of Canterbury and in it he describes reconciliation as a hallmark of Anglicanism. He believes that ordinary Anglicans Living Reconciliation can transform our world. This is the book to inspire and inform all those who are ready to join this journey.

The book draws upon stories from across the Anglican Communion and especially from Continuing Indaba.

Reconciliation is the heart of the gospel and the focus of mission.

The Authors

The Revd Canon Dr Phil Groves is Director of Continuing Indaba for the Anglican Communion, and Angharad Parry Jones was the Communication and Resource manager for the project before leaving to train for the priesthood in Wales.

What are people saying about the book?

‘There is nothing easy or light-weight about reconciliation. It is a long and often painful journey. It is by telling our stories and hearing the stories of those we do not understand that we learn to walk together in hope. Forgiveness and reconciliation are a choice, but it is a choice rooted in the recognition that we are all flawed human beings, all children of God. This book draws on a wealth of stories from around the world and from Scripture, and reminds us that we are all called to be reconcilers through being who we are. We are all called to reconciliation. I commend this book to you, my fellow workers in the kingdom, as a tool and encouragement in living your life of reconciliation.’ - Archbishop Desmond Tutu
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