Chapter 8
Sharing the vision

Chapter Summary

The final chapter offers a practical vision of churches Living Reconciliation. An example is given of the people of the Diocese of El Camino Real offering hope to young people who gather in gangs out of fear and our hope is you will seek your way to live reconciliation. The first step in this transformation is for leaders acting as convenors to signal a radical change in the way the community is going to live. The Bishop of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay (South Africa) did just this as he called all in his diocese to take responsibility for themselves and for one another rather than rely on top down instruction. The next requirement is to do as the Indigenous Anglicans of Canada and design a process and frame open questions that do not presuppose an answer. Design groups need to be in clear communication with the convenor, but able to draw on the experience of all, especially those previously ignored. In the Episcopal Diocese of New York the Bishop signalled change and design group delivered a process that enabled many within the diocese to seek to define who they were together. The result was a shared vision of a common life. Similarly the Youth of Saldanha Bay summed up their response to the Indaba opportunity with the phrase ‘Nothing about us without us.’ The next challenge is how to incorporate Indaba life into the structures of governance of a church in synods and conventions. The Diocese of Iowa drew on the experience of its international partners in South Sudan and Swaziland to develop a new way of doing business. Utilising people with transcultural skills is vital and such skills are the distinctive requirement for Indaba facilitators. You have the opportunity to live reconciliation in your parish. Living Reconciliation is not a precursor to mission: it is mission. Where it happens people come to faith; they are given responsibility to be disciples; they strive for justice; they serve and they seek reconciliation with nature. The time is now for you to take up the challenge and live reconciliation.

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