Chapter 2
Journey into uncertainty

Chapter Summary

The Primates of the Anglican Communion have committed themselves to a journey of honest conversation in relationship with one another to further the reign of God. This chapter challenges you to set out on the same journey. The first followers of Jesus were called to journey with him and they had no idea of the destination or what they would encounter on the way. This is deeply unsettling for those of us who like to know there are rules and have certainty. Alice Mogwe was someone who trusted rules, but when she left her native Botswana to study law in apartheid-era South Africa, she found laws were not to be trusted. She became a friend of the despised and found that truth was not simple. Laws are needed to give clarity, but truth is more complex and is discovered on a journey. Jesus often felt the demand for truth and responded with parables that communicated the complexity of life. Those who seek truth rather than defend positions are often seen as unprincipled and weak. Living reconciliation must not mean putting aside principles; it means something far more threatening – learning to journey with people who passionately disagree with you and all seeking to discover more truth. In response to the belief that ‘Only the whole world knows the whole truth,’ groups of Christians from across the Anglican Communion journey together under the banner of Continuing Indaba. Their stories will be part of the book as we read on. The task for you now is to take the first step on the journey and follow Jesus – even though you are not certain what you will encounter on the way.

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