Bible Study Guide

If you are a small group reading this book together you are at an advantage. You can inspire one another and build up your community.

The hope that we as authors have for Living Reconciliation is that you as readers are inspired to live lives of reconciliation. Reconciled lives are lived in community, in relationship to God and to those around us. This is not something that is possible as individuals. 

Download The Study Guide and follow the eight week course.

If you are reading the book alone we hope the videos on this site and a place of discussion on the Facebook page will also give you a wider perspective and a place to join the conversation.


There is a short video to go with each chapter that provides voices from around the Anglican Communion to help get a discussion started and bring a wider perspective to you discussion. You can find these videos on youtube or you can download them here.

Suggested Structure

There is a suggested structure in the notes which is aimed at a small group. You know your group and what will work. These notes provide you with a number of ideas and a shape, but it is important that you use the shape that will work best with your group. The book has eight chapters and this study guide takes you through chapter by chapter to help you study the main themes as a group.

Chapter 1 Living Reconciliation

Chapter 2 Journey into uncertainty

Chapter 3 Companions

Chapter 4 Encounter with power

Chapter 5 Transforming Conflict

Chapter 6 Risk

Chapter 7 New way of being

Chapter 8 Sharing the vision