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All of the videos used on this website and many more are available on our YouTube channel However since it is not always possible to stream video in a group setting the eight conversation starter videos, designed for a chapter by chapter study are available to download here:

Chapter 1 – Living Reconciliation video

Chapter 2 – Journey into uncertainty video

Chapter 3 – Companions video

Chapter 4 – Encounter with power video

Chapter 5 – Transforming conflict video

Chapter 6 – Risk video

Chapter 7 – New way of being video

Chapter 8 – Sharing the vision video

Living Reconciliation started as Continuing Indaba events around the Anglican Communion. Download process guides that will enable you to implement reconciliation programmes and events in your church and community.

A guide to Continuing Indaba

Running a Continuing Indaba Event

Running a Continuing Indaba Governance Process

Continuing Indaba Pilot Phase Report