Remembering Sr Dorothy Stang ‘Martyr of the Amazon’

Our sisters and brothers in the Catholic Climate Movement are remembering Sr. Dorothy Stang, “Martyr of the Amazon.”

We remember her and the many unheralded campaigners who have been murdered in the cause of the poor and the earth. Climate change is a justice issue.

The following is from the Catholic Climate Movement:

Sr. Dorothy was born in the United States, but moved to live with the poor in rural Brazil. There, she witnessed first-hand ranchers and loggers
exploiting farmers and indigenous people, stealing land, cutting down forests, and murdering those who spoke up.

Sr. Dorothy courageously spoke up herself. Over several decades, she pushed for protection of Brazil’s rural poor, especially those in the Amazon. Because of her work for justice, she was named to a death list, and eventually murdered.

Here is how her sisters tell the story: “on February 12, 2005, on a dirt road at the Boa Esperanca settlement in a rural area in Para, two hired gunmen fired six shots and killed Sister Dorothy . . . As the gunmen approached Sister Dorothy, she took her Bible from her bag and began to read the Beatitudes: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice.”

Sr. Dorothy said that “only a profound change in our way of living–our values and attitudes–can bring new life to our world.”

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