The Magi and Herod

A Reflection for Epiphany

Epiphany is generally understood as the revelation of Jesus Christ. It is a period when we remember the manifestation of Jesus Christ to people who walked in darkness so that joy and peace can be restored to them through the salvation found in Jesus Christ.

Our interest in this reflection is the attitude of Herod towards Jesus who came to liberate those who were in bondage. Herod was not just interested in protecting his status core but continued suppression of peace and liberty of the people he ruled.

We seem to have some elements of Herod even today in those that thrive on disadvantaged people. Any glimmer of light for their liberty is met with heavy oppression. Anyone that would like to help the weak and defenceless people is equally faced with death and extinction.

NGOs that have been supporting the poor and sick, Immigrants and homeless are threatened with closure. Whistle blowers in corruption cases are sometimes killed by the system that is meant to protect them.

Like the wise men, you do not stop doing good because of the evil regime ruling. Remember when good people do nothing, evil triumphs.  

Reflection by Ven. Canon Katete Jackson Jones of

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