“Let justice flow down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”

Earlier this month the Archbishop Justin Welby delivered a speech at the annual conference of the British Trades Union Congress (TUC). In it he addressed some of the pressing political issues within the UK.

The address was high profile and critical of government, big business and of the official opposition. It laid out a Biblical vision for Peace with Justice and offered hope in a challenging time.

The speech produced an immediate reaction in the UK media. The Archbishop had crafted the speech so that key messages would feature on news outlets. Government supporting media condemned the Archbishop for bias. Opposition supporting media praised him for his bravery and clarity. Voices were also raised to question his authority to speak and accusing him and the church of hypocrisy.

For Anglicans committed to Peace with Justice the speech carries important messages so we three following articles that consider the content of the talk, the authority by which he spoke and the issue of potential hypocrisy.

This speech will stand the test of time – it will be referred to again and again as a defining speech of Justin’s time as Archbishop.

Please take the time to listen to the speech and as you do so pray for the Archbishop as he stands for Peace with Justice.

The full text can be found here