Thank you for a great response

70 people say they want to be part of the revival of APJN.

I sent out a survey to ask you if you wanted The Anglican Peace and Justice Network to be revived and if you will be part of that.

If you have not filled in the survey you have until Thursday May 24 to do so. Click here.

We have had 71 responses and all but one wants to be involved.

  • You have told us that you like the material on
  • 80% of you want to be involved in discussion through our Facebook page
  • Most importantly 50 of you want to be part of the Steering Group.

This presents us with a problem of getting down to a manageable number.  We aim to have a Steering Group of no more than 10 that is diverse in geographical spread, gender, sexuality and ethnicity.

If you ticked the box on the survey that asked if you want to be on the Steering Group I don’t know who you are unless you contact me directly at  Please email me.

Our friend and peace-builder Revd James Njue has agreed to help me as we take the next steps.

What do we do now?

Step 1. If you want to contribute and especially if you want to be on the Steering Group please contact me at

Step 2. Send me a biographical story of your concerns as a peace builder who strives for justice. Keep it short and ready for publishing. Please send us a picture.

Step 2. We will edit and, with your permission publish. We will begin a series of posts on Anglicans striving for peace with justice.

Step 3. We will contact you and seek to enable a conversation. Everyone in on that conversation will know something about each other because we have the biographical stories.

Pray for this as it could all go wrong.

In the mean time comment on Facebook and keep me aware of any stories, reflections or Bbile studies we can publish on Facebook or on the website. I am here at