Do you want the Anglican Peace and Justice Network?

The APJN seeks to connect Anglicans globally and create a cluster of energy around peace building and reconciliation. Currently it enjoys authorised status as an official Network of the Anglican Communion.

In order to continue with this status it needs to show that people concerned for peace and justice value this network. We need to know if you want APJN to continue.

Please click on this link to take a short survey.

We also need a Steering Group willing to take on responsibilities for maintaining the network. The Steering Group will need to meet virtually on a regular basis and occasionally – funds permitting – face to face.

The survey will enable us to gain an idea of how many people would like the Anglican Peace and Justice Network to continue as an authorised network of the Anglican Communion.

Please offer to be part of a Steering Group. We will need to take references for appointments to a formal Steering Group. If you tick this box please also contact me directly. email:

The Survey Monkey system we are using does not tell us who has responded. If you would like to comment further please email me

Yours in Christ,

Phil Groves