What do you want from the Anglican Peace and Justice Network?

Dear Friends,

If APJN has a future it needs to have a clearer purpose and group leadership.

Here is my apology. Over the last year due to time commitments I have mainly posted stories of interest on the Facebook page. I have not lived up to my commitment to generating resources to encourage and sustain all Anglicans in our calling to be peacemakers and I have not been able to sustain campaigns.

Where do we go now?

  • We need to know what you want
  • We need a steering group

The best outcome for APJN is if the future is set by you.

What do you do with your ideas?

Please contact me on this email: philgapjn@gmail.com or post something on the APJN Facebook page.

Just to offer a starting place, below is what I presented to the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion. It is just if you need something for you to bounce ideas against.

Nothing is set in stone and any vision that gains energy and the commitment of diverse members will be the way forwards.

This network will:

  • Share information and resources, enable prayerful practical support and engage others in the local and global task of living reconciliation.
  • Seek to make a difference to the lives of the oppressed, diminished and victimised in every society and contribute to peace-building locally and globally,

Specifically, it will:

  • Enable capacity to focus on content creation and network engagement,
  • Run campaigns in support of local Anglican initiatives,
  • Enable mutual support through connecting people with common interests
  • Support the practice of living reconciliation in communities locally and globally,
  • Promote the use of Continuing Indaba as a resource for conflict transformation and reconciliation.