Primates of the Anglican Communion – They Matter

Primates of the Anglican Communion – they still matter.

Back in the old days  Desmond Tutu would grab the headlines talking about the struggle for freedom from apartheid. Lord Eames would speak of the work needed for peace in Northern Ireland. We knew about them because South Africa and Northern Ireland were in the headlines. They made a difference.

Recent Primates Meetings have grabbed headlines for endless discussion of internal process. Some of us have lost sight of the fact that our Primates can change the world.

The recent Primates’ Meeting is a return to relevance.

They may not have the star names who will receive Nobel prizes, but many of our Primates are at the forefront of great movements for real change. They can change the world – but only if we work with them.

The tone was set by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry (TEC) who led prayers for the victims of horrific gun crime in Las Vagas. His prayers had depth and meaning because he has been at the forefront of Bishops United Against Gun Violence.

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Archbishop Suheil Dawani of Jerusalem and the Middle East spoke of his province’s reconciliation ministry.

  • Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba (Southern Africa) and Archbishop George Takeli (Melanesia) led the discussion on climate change that is affecting all of us.

We can be proud of our Primates, but they can do nothing without us supporting them.

Here is something important you can do now:

The Archbishop of the West Indies went from the Primates Meeting to Jamaica to speak at an event aimed at challenging unjust laws criminalising consensual adult same sex intimacy. These laws are in place all over the world.

You can indicate your support by signing the online petition here

Support our Primates, act for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation

PS They are concerned for evangelism and discipleship and you can find out how you join them in that here.