Pray for South Sudan

‘The Anglican Consultative Council prays for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan’
Once again peace in South Sudan is precarious.

Meeting in Lusaka the ACC expressed solidarity with the peoples of South Sudan in their ongoing struggle for peace and reconciliation and called for prayer. Now is the time to pray.

Recently, the Archbishop of Canterbury in a recent meeting with South Sudanese Church leaders called us all to prayer. he expressed his ‘deep concern’ over the current situation – one that is so serious that Ban Ki-Moon has warned of the potential for atrocities.

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan has a primary role in fostering cultures of peace and engaging with the highest levels of government. It is effective on the ground, has huge membership and is listened to by government.

Sadly strong forces have split the fledgling country apart. Reports are given that powerful figures whip up tribal divisions in order to grab power and wealth.

Women continue to be especially vulnerable as ACC member Harriet Baka made clear at the ACC meeting.

As we approach Christmas the Anglican Peace and Justice Network is calling on all Anglicans to pray for peace to express our solidarity with all Anglicans – women and men – living in South Sudan under constant threat of violence.

The Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan has a long history of partnership with sister churches in the UK and the USA who have opened doors into the corridors of power. They have pressed the governments of those nations to take seriously the reality of life for the poor and oppressed.

The USA was particularly gracious in welcoming the ‘Lost Boys and Girls’ of the horrific civil war and they are a dynamic presence within TEC.

Canon Phil Groves of APJN recently attended the meeting of the American Friends and witnessed the growing influence of the Diaspora communities of Sudanese within TEC in offering hope to their homeland.

Please Pray

Without God there is no hope – Powerful men will destroy peace

With God among us we have a light that cannot be put out