Abp Fred J Hiltz, primate of Canada, endorses ‘Living Reconciliation’ book

By The Most Rev. Fred J Hiltz, Primate, The Anglican Church of Canada

I heartily endorse this work by Phil Groves and Angharad Parry Jones as a wonderful companion to the Scriptures and the texts we use in praying for reconciliation.

What I particularly appreciate is their call to the hard work that reconciliation is, requiring of us a patience and steadfastness as we see in the very purposes of God in Christ, reconciling the world to himself.  I very much like the way in which Phil and Angharad have woven into the text the story of Peter and the teaching of Paul.

This book explores a variety of contexts in which reconciliation is needed, approached, worked through, and celebrated.

Living Reconciliation is a must read for bishops, clergy, and all others who give leadership to the Church’s commitment to this ministry.  It is a good resource for the councils of the Church, provincial and global.  For the Church local it represents the opportunity for an eight week program on the nature and work of reconciliation.  Each chapter ends with questions to think about as we seek to more fully embrace this ministry entrusted to us.

A fulsome engagement with this amazing text will in truth, transform and enliven us as ambassadors for reconciliation in the name of Christ.  I cannot imagine the future of our own Church and that of The Anglican Communion as a whole without a serious engagement of this invitation to “Living Reconciliation”.