People Living Reconciliation – Archbishop Fajutagana (IFI)

The Philippines is a wonderful rich country with 100 million people living in over 1,000 islands, but opportunities for employment are limited and every day 5,000 people head off to work in the Gulf States, in Europe, America and Hong Kong. The Archbishop of the Independent Philippine Church speaks on video about the difficulties that presents, reflects on the reality in his own family and the significance of the Anglican Communion. He also talks of the cost paid by members of his church for standing up to injustice. He speaks of he death of Archbishop Ramento, and another member of the clergy, both murdered in churches as they campaigned for justice. he calls you to pray and support them in their ministry. The video also contains an interview with the Bishop Espartero of Manila who talks of he reverse exodus and the significance of the Mission to Seafarers.